Bean counting, smiles and statistics

So now that the platform is up, I will be adding some counters and measures. I need to record the number of unique visitors on Wabber, which posts are the most popular, and most importantly how many people laughed. I’m thinking most likely I will put it up as a poll that will be displayed on all posts. Users will only be allowed to vote once though – that may be tricky to monitor without recording email addresses or something of the sort which is a real pain any true wabber will not do. Suggestions are most welcome.

The number of posts, comments etc is quite easily obtainable from the WordPress backend so that’s not a problem. I will also be installing tracking codes from a number of blogging platforms including Technorati, Blogrankings, Afrigator, and Amatomu – the more the merrier. I will also track usage using Google Analytics but I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to integrate the site with Adsense as yet – I will most likely not in the short term anyway.

Still remaining to be done are all things related to the RSS feed management. I use Google’s Feedburner application on the Wonkie cartoon blog and will most likely use the same platform for distributing new posts by email to subscribers for Wabber.

Slowly but surely it’s all getting there!

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