Will the World End in 2012?

Anty Bpy recently asked The Guru whether what her mom said was true – that the world will end on 6 June 2012. The Guru took some time to deliberate over his response and confirmed a timeframe to complete his calculations.

As always, the Guru replied with significant confidence. In a discourse given later that evening, the Guru asked “What would you do differently if you knew the answer to that question?” This was greeted by pleased whispers and murmurs across the entire llama community present at that time.

* * *

A less constructive answer to the Guru’s question came from a rogue llama in the audience who claimed he would likely go to the UK in early May, play at the best online slots casino or if he could not travel at the time, try his luck on one of the many online casinos in India. He said he would play big and make sure at least his world ended with a bang by the 6 June 2012. Tsk tsk… some llamas.

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