Posts from April 2009

James Bond – Another XKCD favourite

Be sure to check out XKCD – a bit geeky I know but such great fun if you did a science degree!

Bean counting, smiles and statistics

So now that the platform is up, I will be adding some counters and measures. I need to record the number of unique visitors on Wabber, which posts are the most popular, and most importantly how many people laughed. I’m thinking most likely I will put it up as a poll that will be displayed on all posts. Users will

Wabber Progress

Ok so things are moving along nicely – the names of the various strips have been identified and the core platform is more or less up and running now. The names of the strips and the subjects they cover are as follows: Bash It All – All about anger and frustration at everything from the workplace to services Casino Pigs

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