Introducing Wabber

Building on the success of Wonkie, I decided to launch this blog,, that broadened the horizons of Wonkie from mostly political and social satire. Wabber is designed to include a number of different cartoon strips covering some pretty diverse subjects: workplace humour; medical related laughs, MBA and more business related humour; cartoons on spiritual and religious aspects (and no we will not be publishing any Mohammed cartoons to raise our profile but thanks for the innovative suggestion!); gambling and poker gags; and finally a strip looking at the lighter side of the single life and online dating.

A few people have asked why Wabber? Besides sounding like a fun site to visit – there is actually some deep meaning behind the term. It is derived from the word wab which is an acronym for Work Avoidance Behaviour. That makes wabbing the act of avoiding work and wabber obviously a person who is avoiding work. I wanted to create a fun site for people to kill some time and have a few laughs.

The design needs a bit more work but I think it’s enough to get going. There is a platform in place that allows multiple strips on a single site – something that was a little more difficult to do with the ComicPress theme Wonkie was based on. So I’ll leave the fanciness for later and get cracking with the toons as soon as the basics are up and running. More soon…

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