Robin Hood tax

Many of us wonder whether The Guru bothers himself with issues like taxation. Meady, from Trinidad & Tobago is no exception. She asked the Guru what he thought about the proposed Robin Hood tax.

The Guru, without any reference to tax manuals, immediately gives the most appropriate answer.

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Hmmm…my blue dress looks like my own full length gown/robe Maid Marian outfit?! Hmmm…makes you wonder now if Robin Hood really did redistribute the wealth to the poor or if he had started his own little empire…points towards all the controversies with modern day charities and not-for-profits too! You can never please everyone…and the guru shouldn’t take me or himself too seriously…I really wasn’t trying to de-robe him or cut off his head! Thanks for the blue robe though…LOL! :) Why does all of this sound like a game of Dungeons and Dragons…not that I’ve ever played it though…

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