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Wabber Returns

Wabber has just completed its 2 year hibernation cycle and is now revamped and ready to roll. A brief sabbatical to work can only last so long. For all you sufferers of Work Avoidance Behaviour, you’ll be pleased to know that The Guru’s Llama Courier service is finally up and galloping, and efficiently so. Like with all-bran flakes, you can

Dermagenesis L’Oreal advert

WTF is going on with these ads – you need a PhD to understand them. Hyaluronic Acid you say, bio-accumulative compost I say. And if I see one more ads for softer, smoother underarms I’m going to explode! .

My favourite XKCD cartoon

Check out XKCD – excellent cartoons for your inner geek. As per the site warning – liberal arts major best not waste their time.

So much to do, so little time

Another brilliant XKCD cartoon. Have you made your bucket list yet (i.e. things you really want to do before you die)?

James Bond – Another XKCD favourite

Be sure to check out XKCD – a bit geeky I know but such great fun if you did a science degree!

Bean counting, smiles and statistics

So now that the platform is up, I will be adding some counters and measures. I need to record the number of unique visitors on Wabber, which posts are the most popular, and most importantly how many people laughed. I’m thinking most likely I will put it up as a poll that will be displayed on all posts. Users will

Wabber Progress

Ok so things are moving along nicely – the names of the various strips have been identified and the core platform is more or less up and running now. The names of the strips and the subjects they cover are as follows: Bash It All – All about anger and frustration at everything from the workplace to services Casino Pigs

Introducing Wabber

Building on the success of Wonkie, I decided to launch this blog,, that broadened the horizons of Wonkie from mostly political and social satire. Wabber is designed to include a number of different cartoon strips covering some pretty diverse subjects: workplace humour; medical related laughs, MBA and more business related humour; cartoons on spiritual and religious aspects (and no

One Million Laughs

Somewhere on my list of things to do before I die I scribbled down that I wanted to make a million people laugh. I figured that would be quite an entertaining little landmark for myself. As luck would have it when I started a new venture last year with some ex-colleagues from university, one of the ideas I had for

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